Add-On Domain

 890.00 3,490.00

Add-On Domain

 890.00 3,490.00

Need additional website? We provide options and flexible solutions that fit your needs. Purchase an Add-On Domain for your TekWorx.Hosting account and manage your websites in one place.


Choose among four different Add-On Domain Name Extensions:

  1. .com – “commercial”
    • Designed for use by commercial organizations
    • Commonly used for business websites, personal websites, blogs, portfolios, etc.
    • Most widely used domain name extension and the easiest to remember
  2. .net – “network”
    • Designed for businesses that offer internet, networking, email hosting, network infrastructure, database hosting, online technology, or similar services
    • Now often treated as an alternative to .com
  3. .org – “organization”
    • Designed for non-profit organizations
    • Commonly used by schools, open-source software projects, clubs, religious and community groups, social and civic organizations, social causes, and associations
    • Also sometimes used by for-profit entities
  4. .ph – “Philippines”
    • Intended for companies or organizations located in the Philippines
    • Recommended for individuals, organizations, or companies that primarily want to build an online presence in the Philippines
    • Considered a more prestigious domain as it readily identifies the business’ location and its intended audience

While the domain name extension serves as an indication for the website’s purpose, the best option is still what fits your brand and aesthetic requirements.

Need other Add-On Domain like .shop, .guru, .co, and etc? We can have it for you, too!

Additional information

Domain Extension

.com, .net, .org, .ph


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